Conveyor System

  Flat Belt Conveyor Automated Production Flow System

Turnkey Project Management

Plant Relocation Production Setup  

Jig and Fixture

  Design and build with application. Specialist design in house to provide better idea. Troubleshooting or modification applicable.

Aluminium Extrusion / Pipe Joint

   Standard aluminium extrusion. Customize Pipe Joint System. Build up with design and special requirement. Workstation / Production flow system. Come with assembly and test.  

Metal / Plastic Fabrication

    Specialist on stainless steel metal work Racking / Trolley / Table / Workstation Air / Hydraulic motion table Signage Production Tag PVC / PP Work

Equipment & Automation

     Idea and design. Specialist in food, semiconductor, medical, automotive application. Capability of automation requirement and standard.

CNC Milling / Turning / Laser Mark

   CNC Milling 3 Axis +/- 0.01 Turn Mill Laser Marking Grinding

Electrical Engineering

  Connection Troubleshooting Re-wiring New build Design for purpose  

Robotics System

   Cobot SCARA Robot Industrial Arm Integration of Industrial 4.0 technology to apply on production flow system as manpower reduction.